Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Forcing Broccoli

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Now, I know you do not grow broccoli to eat. You grow broccoli for the lovely yellow flowers. You did not go out in the garden two days ago and cut broccoli thinking you could bring it inside and wait a few days to eat it. You put it in a glass of water on purpose just so you could have broccoli blooms. You were not attempting to keep the broccoli fresh and ready for stir fry. This was intentional and you will do it again. So will I. Wink-wink

Yeah Lost is Back

Signs you might be a lost nut.

You have a special pillow to sit on to watch Lost.
There is a moratorium on speaking during Lost in your home.
You have converted your family members into Lost fans.
You have all the past seasons of the show on DVD.
People who know you are a Lost fan avoid you Thursday mornings.
You rewatch and freeze parts of the show to read all the text on props in the show (milk cartons) Same thing goes with photos on desks and walls.
You are still trying to figure out what all the numbers mean.
You feel really sorry for Hugo.

Are you a Lost nut?