Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In Honor of Earth Day I Stole Meme's Garbage

Today I took care of my two grand nephews. I watched them at Meme's house. Meme is their grandmother. The boys ate apples and I drank coffee. I grabbed a plastic grocery sack ( Yes, she still has plastic grocery sacks), and put the apple core, apple peels, coffee grounds and coffee filters into it. I then put the sack on the kitchen counter so I would not forget to take it home for the compost pile and worm bin.

A few hours later, Meme comes back and wants to know what's in the sack. I said, "Stuff for my compost pile." She got the you've got to be kidding me?? how did I pick you as a best friend???? look on her face and handed me the bag with two fingers barely touching it.

A few years ago she was surprised that my compost pile did not "smell." She actually asked, "Why doesn't it smell?" I told her that compost should not smell.

I am going to try to convince her to put compostable stuff in her freezer and save it for my worms. My worms really need more food now that there are bazillions of them.

Come on family and friends celebrate Earth Day and help me feed the poor hungry worms in small town Texas.

I am going back to watch the boys again tomorrow and I am going to steal her garbage again.

Get ready everyone, there will be snarky comments.