Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Votes Are In

The sock poll has closed. Fifteen readers participated in this silliness. Forty percent of those who voted want to keep their socks. Therefore, I can keep my fuzzy socks without fear of a visit from the sock police. Anklettes with pompoms were the least favorite socks. Five voters said we should ditch them. Only three people wanted to get rid of knee socks with the colored bands. I was surprised at this. Everytime I see someone wearing them, I think of the 70's and shorts that were waaay too short. Finally ourfriendben was all by himself in wanting to get rid of socks completely. Cinj did say she agreed with him in the comments, but her vote did not show up on the poll. So sorry ourfriendben, socks are here to stay, but we can't make you wear them.

I promise to try to take this blog a little more seriously, but don't count on it.