Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Going on a Quilting Trip

I am planning my escape to a land where there are no monkeys, the pillows stay on the bed, and the socks are not on the ceiling fan. I am going to Houston to visit my good friend Kathy. Mamala and I will be leaving tomorrow morning. We will spend all day at the International Quilt Show. I hope to get a lot done on that quilt up there in the picture. Just think, three days of of uninterrupted quilting, quilt shopping, and adult conversation. Oh the joy of it. I am so happy my head might explode.
I'll be back on Friday in time for trick or treating. Why don't you visit some of the blogs I dig while I'm gone. The list is right over there on the sidebar.
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Does anyone have an explaination for the pillow I found in my driveway this morning? Anyone? Seriously.

Somebody help me.