Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Humming Bird Shower

Something really cool just happened. I was out in the garden watering with the water hose because the rain barrel is dry. In order to get the water to a few plants a little out of the reach of the hose, I sprayed water through the air to the plants. A little green and grey humming bird flew up and just hovered. Then she began flying through the water drops. She must have taken a ten minute shower. I was too amazed to move, so the purple hull beans got over watered.

Planting the Bog Garden

I picked up the plants for the bog garden yesterday. This morning a couple of my master gardener friends and I planted them in the bog.
This side has maiden grass, zebra grass, hardy ageratum, giant day lily, and iris.

Here is my German friend watering the plants with water from one of our 3000 gallon rain barrels.
Here is another friend with my German friend looking at me and wondering why I am taking pictures instead of digging in the dirt.
This section of the bog is larger and is planted with black magic colocasia, horsetail reed, umbrella sedge, hardy ageratum, Morden pink loosestrife, giant day lily, and iris.
Tomorrow we will cover the surface of the bog with river rock.
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