Thursday, January 29, 2009

Socks, Toothpaste, A Mouse, and Ice Cream Wrapers - Only At My House

First, there was a pair of socks in the driveway. It is 26 degrees outside. Who took their socks off and left them in the driveway in 26 degree weather?

I found toothpaste on the toilet seat. Whyyyyyyyy?

There was a mouse on the counter. Nearby, the cats slept soundly. DANGBLASTITALL, this is their only job.

Somehow, Abby found ice cream wrappers and shredded them in the floor. ARRRGGGGHHH.

I want to go back to work. These sort of things do not happen at the library.

Somebody help me. Please help me. Seriously.

Frozen Fog; I Thought Y'all Were Making This Stuff Up


Never, ever, before have I seen such a thing. There is frozen water hanging in the air. It is not falling to the ground. It is just suspended there. I have read about this phenomenon on other blogs, but thought it was something like the boggy creek monster- Somebody was either drunk or making stuff up just to mess with me. I am pretty sure that if I go out there in it, I may never come back. The only appropriate action to take when there is frozen fog outside, is to go back to bed. See y'all later. BRRRR
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