Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Imaginary Garden

In my last post, I admitted that I have an imaginary garden. When I am trying to fall asleep, I ponder on it and make plans.

My imaginary garden has no weeds. The flower beds are all in full bloom and are perfectly mulched. There are no lost tools or toys in the imaginary garden. In this garden, I do not trip and fall down.

Here are a few items that are in the imaginary garden.
1. A really comfy beautiful hammock. It is strung between two beautiful deciduous trees. It is in the shade in the summer and in the warm sun during the winter. I read and nap in this hammock.
2. A pond with a fountain. There are healthy plants and wonderful fish swimming around. The sound of the water is charming.
3. There is a boarder of roses and pomegranate trees between our home and the neighbors. Because we are good neighbors, there is an archway we can walk through to visit each other.
4. There is a sweet little ornamental grass plot on the corner of our yard. A very large bolder is the center piece of this little area.
5. In the side yard there is an old wheelbarrow planted up with blooming annuals and flanked by an antique rose bush.
6. Every fence is covered with blooming vines in this make believe landscape.
7. There is a native dry shade border out back. These plants live under my passion vine.
8. A very sweet little garden shed complete with window boxes and flower beds is in the back corner by the vegetable garden.

The birds are singing, the butterflies are floating, the cats are sleeping under the rosebush, and the Monkeys are perfectly behaved.

Tell me about your imaginary garden.

Light Therapy

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Winter is hard on many gardeners. Cold, wet, dreary weather just don't make for a happy Debbi. Add multiple family stresses and a flood, and I am pretty much a basket case. A basket case that cannot break down because, well who would raise the Monkeys if I broke down. It seems my little salt lamp is helpful, but just not enough.

Yesterday, was pretty and I was able to spend about an hour in the garden. Today was just as lovely. I was in and out of the house all day. After a while, the sunshine made me a little sleepy, weird. In my imaginary garden, I have a wonderful hammock strung between two deciduous trees. It is in the shade in the summer and in the sun in the winter. This imaginary hammock would have been perfect for today. As a alternate, I decided to layout on the Monkey's trampoline. I must have been a sight laying out there, but boy did basking in the warm sunshine do wonders for my mood.

Here is a hint. Trampolines and garden clogs can create quite a static charge in a middle aged woman. The shock when I touched the metal frame was painful and LOUD.

The rest of the afternoon in the garden was very enjoyable. There is one thing that is puzzling. Where are all the songbirds? I have put out seed and I actually cooked homemade suet for them, but very few have shown up. I am beginning to get worried. I did see some bees buzzing around some broccoli rhaab blooms and hen bit flowers. Their wing sounds were very pleasant.

Did you notice the picture? Abby got all excited and knocked over my plant stand. Somehow she broke a plastic pot. Goofy beast.

Anybody else missing songbirds?