Thursday, January 15, 2009


This will be my saddest post for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day yet. Still it is fun to play. Thanks again to Carol of May Dreams Garden for hosting.

First is a fuzzy picture of a snap dragon. I waited until after work to take my pictures. Therefore, you can now imagine a crazy lady out in 34 degree weather, after dark trying to take pictures of flowers while the wind blows. I am nothing if not a dedicated garden blogger or maybe I am just cracked.

Second is a shot of my echeveria potted up with hen and chicks. The echeveria is winter sad, but I like the way the hen and chicks look. Their color seems more intense in the winter than in the summer.

Finally, a shot of a very sad amaryllis. It was purchased after Christmas and the stress of being in that box is obvious. I will plant it outside in a few weeks. Hopefully, it will give me a pretty bloom next August.
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Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Stay warm.