Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Home Run and a Sock Rebellion

Middle Monkey is playing his first season of baseball. Tonight he made his first home run. In fact, on his first hit during a game, he hit a home run. The crowd went wild. Oddly, Middle Monkey made the Hook Em' Horns sign as he crossed home. Coach L. picked up Middle Monkey in celebration. Middle Monkey is the happiest boy in the world.

We just hope Opa doesn't find out about the hand sign. Opa is an Aggie and will be hurt. Sister#2 will be pleased. She is a Longhorn. The family rivalry will begin again and it is not even football season yet. One time, at a brother's A&M graduation, Sister#2 and her family wore burnt orange shirts and gave the Hook Em' Horns sign instead of saying cheese during pictures with the graduate. It gets bad fast. Wisely, I went to UNT and can avoid all the insults and craziness.
Now I will completely change the subject. Earlier today I admitted that I hate to fold socks. This is all VP's fault with her meme. Anyway, many of my bloggy buddies have strong feelings about socks. I put up that poll over there on the right. If you have strong feelings about socks, vote. Do not bring up black socks or any socks for that matter worn with sandals. We will not go there. It is universally wrong. Long live the sock revolution.
If the spacing is messed up on this post, it is bloggers fault. I did everything I could to fix it.
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It is Raining so Let's Play Tag

It seems like a long time ago Dee at Red Dirt Ramblings tagged me. Well it is raining outside and now is the perfect opportunity to play this book tag game as well as the meme VP at Veg Plotting graced me with. This is also an excellent reason for putting off using this rainy day to clean up my office and catch up on my sewing. Thanks ladies.

Okay, I will start with the book tag. Here are the rules.
Pick a book of at least 123 pages.
Open the book to the 123rd page.
Find the fifth sentence.
Post the next five sentences.

I bought the 'Southern Kitchen Garden." by William D Adams and Thomas R. Leroy while at the Master Gardener Convention a few weeks ago. Happily I was able to here My Leroy speak on the subject.

Here is what page 123 has to offer.

"While there are a number of ways to irrigate, low-volume systems like drip or microsprinkler are the most efficient way to apply water. Leaky tubing is another low-volume system that works well in the kitchen garden. If these systems are set up with a time clock, you can almost forget the the time-consuming drudgery of watering. Of course, it is good therapy to water the garden by hand occasionally, and the "hands-on" approach is best when you are planting seed or setting out transplants. It is most efficient to utilize water during periods of low temperature and light winds."

Next is VP's meme Here are the rules.
Link to the person who tagged you.
Post six random things about yourself.
Tag six people.
Let each person know they have been tagged by commenting on their blog.
Let the blogger who tagged you know that your entry is up.

1. I am not a morning person.
2. My goldfish think I am god.
3. I hate folding socks.
4. I have recently lost five pounds.
5. I have been told that I talk to myself while I garden. Really, I am just responding to the voices.
6. I post about the sisters all of the time, but I have just as many brothers.

I tag these victims/friends.

Joy at GardenJoy4Me
Matt and Jen at Our First Garden
Anna at Flower Garden Girl
Meme who does not blog so therefore must play in my comments.
James and Shala at Double Danger
Curmudgeon and Wing Nut at Weed Wackin Wenches

Feel free to play one, both, or neither of these games. This is just for fun. Don't play if you don't want to and no tag backs. I really need to clean my office and sew.

Okay, there were way to many very strong opinions about socks. Ourfriendben and Silence Dogood actually ranted. To set the record straight I set up a poll. Over there under my profile on the sidebar. Let your opinion about socks be known.