Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Home Run and a Sock Rebellion

Middle Monkey is playing his first season of baseball. Tonight he made his first home run. In fact, on his first hit during a game, he hit a home run. The crowd went wild. Oddly, Middle Monkey made the Hook Em' Horns sign as he crossed home. Coach L. picked up Middle Monkey in celebration. Middle Monkey is the happiest boy in the world.

We just hope Opa doesn't find out about the hand sign. Opa is an Aggie and will be hurt. Sister#2 will be pleased. She is a Longhorn. The family rivalry will begin again and it is not even football season yet. One time, at a brother's A&M graduation, Sister#2 and her family wore burnt orange shirts and gave the Hook Em' Horns sign instead of saying cheese during pictures with the graduate. It gets bad fast. Wisely, I went to UNT and can avoid all the insults and craziness.
Now I will completely change the subject. Earlier today I admitted that I hate to fold socks. This is all VP's fault with her meme. Anyway, many of my bloggy buddies have strong feelings about socks. I put up that poll over there on the right. If you have strong feelings about socks, vote. Do not bring up black socks or any socks for that matter worn with sandals. We will not go there. It is universally wrong. Long live the sock revolution.
If the spacing is messed up on this post, it is bloggers fault. I did everything I could to fix it.
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  1. Hi Debbi - I can't seem to be able to vote in your poll, I find this is often the way with Blogger polls. BTW I voted Yes.

    Did you try using Shift + enter for your blog spacing? I used to have the same problem until hubby gave me that little tip. I find it usually works, except for scheduled blogger posts sometimes.

    Well done Middle Monkey - being English I don't understand baseball that much, but I do know home runs mean a lot :) I bet he's quite a hero!

  2. Debbie ... well done for Middle Monkey .. hubby has baseball, golfing, and basketball on channel surffing time when hockey ISN'T on of course .. it is all hockey any time it is on with the playoffs .. besdies .. even if they are on non Canadian teams .. we all know most players ARE Canadians EH !
    I voted with no problem and it seems my choice is "prime time" haha

  3. Go Middle Monkey!!!

    Hmmm. It appears that I'm the only one who voted that socks should be outlawed. But come on, you *know* they should! Socks are an abomination. And anyone who wears socks with sandals should be outlawed as well, or at least sent to fashion reform school. Where was his mother?!!! The shame and pity of it all.

  4. Hi VP, baseball is the sport around here. Middle Monkey said thank you. Thanks for the spacing tip.

    Hi Joy, Middle Monkey says thanks. Manly Man is all about hockey. Go Stars.

  5. Ofb, you must have been commenting at the same time I was and beat me to the enter button. Your sock rants on this comment page may become famous. Tell us how you really feel.

  6. Go middle monkey! We have a Pemco Insurance commercial out here that's all about "Sandals and Socks Guy" and is hysterically funny. Not sure if it'll work but here's the link. BTW, pompons on socks--soooo WRONG.

  7. Ha!!! Let's just say that I have more than one good friend who threatens to give me some opinions every year for Christmas, since otherwise I obviously wouldn't have any. (And that's not touching what Silence has to say on the subject!) Hmmmm. How on earth did I end up with so many sarcastic friends?! No doubt they're just taking advantage of my sweet, innocent nature.

  8. You're as lucky as your friend Deb, to have sarcastic friends!

  9. I see no FUZZY SOCKS on yur poll

  10. WWW, I will check out the video. Thanks.
    Ofb, Hahahaha.
    Meme, Now who could you be speaking of?
    anonymous, still meme, leave my fuzzy socks alone.

  11. I'm with OFB - especially socks with sandals, yeuch!

  12. Ok, vp, yet there is still only one vote to totally outlaw the dreadful things. My vote has not yet been counted. I am waiting until the bitter end because I have a fuzzy sock conflict of interest.

  13. No black socks? Huh. Next you will want to outlaw black tee shirts, and what then will I WEAR?


    but seriously, why no black socks?