Friday, December 19, 2008




This cat is on a roll. I finally caught Tisha in the act. She is trying to get my quilt patches out of that container. All this time I have been blaming this stuff on the Monkeys. Naughty kitty.
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Content Warning: We Have a Killer


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If you are squeamish don't click on this post. If you are squeamish and already clicked on this post, click away right now.

When the weather cools down, unwanted critters try to move into our home. They are not welcome and always meet a swift and violent end at the paws of one of the Manx cats. Tisha caught her second mouse of the season. She is quite pleased with herself. We are quite pleased that the mouse is no longer in the house.

Domestication of Monkeys

After these little exchanges, I am going back to bed.

Middle Monkey, "Mom, You know what is cool?"
Me, "What?"
Middle Monkey, "At night, I put my clothes in the hamper and in the morning, they are clean and in the dryer."
I think, "Dandy, they believe in a Dirty Clothes Fairy that comes every evening and takes care of the laundry."

Baby Monkey, "Mom, a couple of nights ago, I organized the Christmas presents for you. Yours are in back, mine are in front, Teenage Monkey's are on the left, and Middle Monkey's are on the right. I saved a place for Daddy."
I think, "Wonders never cease. I got just what I needed - a very tidy Christmas tree."

Me to Middle Monkey, "Go brush your teeth."
Middle Monkey after a few minutes, "Somebody stole my toothbrush and I can't brush my teeth."
I think, "Why the hell would somebody steal your toothbrush?"
I say, "You are not going to school without brushing your teeth, that is nasty."
We go find the tooth brush.

Somebody help me....please help me.