Friday, December 19, 2008

Content Warning: We Have a Killer


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If you are squeamish don't click on this post. If you are squeamish and already clicked on this post, click away right now.

When the weather cools down, unwanted critters try to move into our home. They are not welcome and always meet a swift and violent end at the paws of one of the Manx cats. Tisha caught her second mouse of the season. She is quite pleased with herself. We are quite pleased that the mouse is no longer in the house.


  1. This is what they do Debbi, it's in their job description. I am an animal lover but I don't do rodents. I can tolerate spiders well (used to work with them) but mice and rats? Nope, no way.
    When we lived in Sydney and Lily was still with us, she went through a phase of delivering a dead rodent on our back doorstep every day. We couldn't figure it out as we hadn't had any in the house. Turned out the bachelor down the back had finally cleared his backyard of overgrowth. I had to lose my squeamishness fast and make myself pick them up and put them in the bin before Max the Dog performed vivisection on them.

  2. What a good kitty! There's nothing better than a good mouser is there?


  3. She is earning her keep. She is beautiful

  4. Foxy, She was just bringing you a present.

    Cindy, We are very grateful for her hunting skills

    Thanks Curmudgeon