Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Three Sisters

If you want a child to eat squash, have them plant some. Here is Baby Monkey planting the three sisters bed tonight. He planted squash, beans, and corn. Do you see the problem in picture #2? I wonder how much corn actually got planted. Apparently seed corn is a snack for my youngest.
The three sisters planting style is beans, corn, and squash or pumpkins planted in hills together. I planted in this way for the first time last year. I usually have problems with squash bugs. Last year, I saw a couple, but they seemed confused and didn't cause any damage.
The garden is officially "in" now. I won't be planting anything else until the fall when I will replace any dead tomato plants.
We are growing cucumbers, peppers, herbs, black eyed peas, yard long beans, red noodle beans, mixed summer squash, twelve types of tomatoes, okra, and sweet potatoes.
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