Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The cold front came in at about 3:00 this afternoon. Of course I had just started a fire in the chiminea and had completely torn up the giant compost disaster. So I had flames shooting out of the top of the chiminea and compost flying all over the place. Then, of course, it started to rain. I am lucky this way. Let me start a big messy project, and the wind and rain will show up to get me wet and and covered in mud. Thanks Mother Nature, thanks a lot. Somehow, I didn't catch the house on fire and the compost is now back in two piles instead of a giant mess all over the back of the garden.

It is going to get down into the 40's tonight. This is winter weather around these parts. Hopefully, we will get a little more rain to get the fall veggies off to a good start. The tomatoes are not long for this world. I hope the fruits get big enough for me to bring in to ripen in a bowl on the table.

How is your weather?