Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sorting Seeds

This was my seed storing method. Nice, right?

I buy seeds, and save seeds. My friends give me seeds. There are seeds everywhere. I usually put them in that basket, but they are stashed other places as well. They are in the truck, on the window sill, in a cabinet above the drier, on my dresser, in my desk, and between the pages of books. I need a better seed sorting and storage system.

I removed all of the seeds and cleaned out the bottom of the basket. It was full of garlic papers, hum? New seed packages were made by tracing the pattern on old construction paper recycled from Monkey school work then cutting, folding, and glueing them into seed packages. I used these little paper envelopes to replace the big baggies.

I bought some tab dividers at the office supply store and cut them to fit inside of the basked. I decided to sort my seeds by month. I simply filed the seed packets according to the month the seeds should be planted.

Now, Doesn't that look better?
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