Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Need Help Identifiying This Daffodil

Back in December, I bought four bags of daffodil bulbs from our MG group. I know I bought Texas Star, Geranium, Earlicheer, and something with the word giant in it. These bloomed yesterday. The blooms are pretty big. They fill the palm of my hand. They also smell nice with a very light pretty scent. I know they are not Earlicheer (which smells bad)or geranium (it is white and light orange). So is it Texas Star or the giant whatever. The picture I found of Texas Star looked a little lighter than this, but that could just be the exposure. If you have a guess or actually know what this is I would appreciate any input.

Above are my pitiful tomatoes. They have been stuck in a window sill for weeks. I didn't trust that the temperature in the greenhouse would stay above 40. I added more potting mix and put them in the shade on the deck. I should be ashamed of myself and turn in my MG badge. The varieties are Early Girl and Better Boy hybrids along with Cherokee Purple, Yellow Pear, San Marzano, Green Zebra, and some sort of cherry which are self-polinating heirlooms.
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