Monday, November 12, 2007


Our 10th anniversary was yesterday. I want to express my gratitude for a man who has put up with a lot of yard craziness. He has built, rebuilt, and/or put up and taken down a greenhouses 12 times. One time it flew over the fence and into the street on a very windy day. Mine wasn't the only one, a mg friends' blew away too. This week he is taking it down from here and moving it to a friends' place. He has built compost bins and knows what not to throw away. He has bought me a chainsaw for mothers' day. He puts up with my weird friends. He built me a worm bin after a friend dropped off a dixie cup of worms (composting). He didnt even ask any questions. WhenI got home he said "your dinners in the microwave and your worms are on the counter" He only gets a little aggrivated when I leave plants on the kitchen counter.

He likes bannan trees, I think he has one in his office at work. He has a big one outside in a pot, and he got mad at me when I let a freeze kill it back. He drug the dead looking thing into my kithchen and of course it came right back like I told him it would. But then, he would not let me put it back outside. I had to dodge that damn 6' tall tree all winter. Then when it got warm, he took it back outside into the sunshine, where it got a sunburn and looked dead again. Now he lets me put them (he has three now) in the greenhouse.

Under no circumstances should you take any gardening advice from him. He told our neighbor that the siberian iris I was sharing with her was a vine and needed to be against the fence. He doesnt know and he will make something up every single time. When our boys were little he told me I had to go inside the bank to make our truck payment just to see if I would take them inside with me. I, of course, did- like a dummy. Maybe there is a little passive aggressive here, but I am telling you he puts up with a lot of weirdness.