Monday, May 4, 2009

Melt Down in 3.2.1

Get up can't find socks
Realize I have the most awesome husband who does not hold me accountable for socks,mine or his. (ofb should not comment, as that may cause sobbing.]
Sweet gift from another MG
Meeting #1
Meeting #2
Lose control of meeting #2
Regain limited control
Awesome speaker
Discover awards won by organization YEAH!
Receive awesome bug eating plant
Help put together rain barrel
Drop rain barrel off at home
Library for six hours when brain quit working
Extended family dinner brain still not working.
Monkeys appear to be happy
Screaming toddlers - poor babies, poorer babies mamas.
Brain begins working in reverse, not a good thing.
Sister leaving town again:(
Commit to something I can't get out of so I won't have a day to myself
Head home late when monkeys experience a mood swing
Wrangle Monkeys to bed. When all Monkeys became suddenly, epically unhappy.
Help me, somebody please help me.

Tomorrow I will do a proper post. Right now I intend to fall into a babbling heap.