Monday, October 13, 2008

Look Fast I'm Not Doing This Again

Here I am and it is only for a good cause. That thing on my head is the scarf I made for the scarf initiative planned and organized by Kathryn at Plant Whatever Brings You Joy. This scarf will join 64 others from around the world and be sent to Askole, Pakistan to a girls school for refugees. Thanks for the great opportunity Kathryn.
The map in the background is actually Teenage Monkey's wallpaper in his room. Cool huh?
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I was going to talk about Gulf frittilary butterflies. I saw two laying eggs on my passion vine this afternoon. When I went back out to take some pictures, they had fluttered off. I will get back out there tomorrow.
Due to a lack of butterfly pictures, tonight I will blog about my fall veggies. These are actually late summer veggies. In the above picture shows okra, tomato, zucchini, purple hull peas, and a bowl of assorted peppers.
I am the kind of gardener that counts. I counted more than 80 tomatoes on the tomato vines today. I counted 17 zucchini on three vines. I counted 12 little okra on the okra plants.
My summer production was pretty pitiful because I did not get the plants in early enough. We get hot fast around here and the plants just can't produce in the heat. With a little rain and cooler weather my plants that lived through the scorching summer are now giving me food. I am glad I kept them alive.
The real fall plants, cabbage, broccoli, broccoli rhaab, Swiss chard, lettuce, spinach, garlic, onions, and beets are slowing being planted as I can make room. In a few weeks it will freeze. At that point, I can turn the whole garden over to the cool season crops.
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