Sunday, February 10, 2008

Isnt She Lovely/Sorry About the Cat

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Dyed the Cat Blue

Apparently, when I was about 16, I dyed my sisiter's cat blue. I don't remember this, but about 100 of my family members confirmed it at Gracie's birthday party yesterday. Mamala said I was busted by the blue food coloring stains on my hands. I was really mean to this sister. I didn't like her getting any of the attention. Sorry sister. I will not dye any of your critters blue ever again, unless they ask me to.

Compost and Buck Roses

The compost pile topped out at 92 degrees this afternoon. I added blood meal and more water. This is one boring compost pile. I am definitely losing interest.

Remember the Buck rose cuttings? About half of them are already putting out new growth. That is a record for cuttings taking in my experience. I don't use rooting hormone. These maybe the easiest to propagate yet. Yes, Meme, they are just sticks I stuck in the dirt. Yes, the lived. Yes, they will be full sized rose bushes in about three years. Yes, if you are nice to me you may have some. You also have to protect me from the rest of the sisters.

I guess now is a good time to explain the Meme. In our house Meme is not a list of questions we answer about ourselves. It is such a good friend that I would pick her as a sister. She is an expert monkey handler. She can leave the real sisters standing there with their mouths open in disbelief. She once picked me up after I ran into a tree. This was after I saved her life when she punched a frat boy. We did that in 5 inch heels in 1984 in the rain. I am pretty sure she broke the frat boy's nose - Good times. Years later she would help me get monkey #1 to latch on when we were having nursing issues. She is a "feed the baby champion" as she exclusively breast fed twin girls her first time as a mom. Yes they lived. Yes, they now have babies of their own. I would post a picture of her, but her beauty would blind you. Meme is appropriate as she has very healthy self esteem. So, you don't need to send me a meme, I already have one. Oh, and the real deal sealer, I CAN WEAR HER SHOES!!!!!!!!

Balmy Compost Pile

It is 3:30 in the a.m. The compost pile is at 85 degrees.

As you may have read yesterday, I added bunny poo tea and liquid fish to the pile. The only thing I have left to add is blood meal and tears.

I have recieved several suggestions advising to "just to leave it alone and let compost happen." This is very Zen and rock solid advice, however, I am late in the winter season and don't want to have to buy compost for spring planting. Plus, it just makes me crazy when I don't get my way. I was an only child until age 4 when Mom decided to have 6 more babies over the next fourteen years. I frequently have "a fit and fall in it," as my dear mother would say. This may explain the neediness and control freak aspects of my gardening personality, or maybe I am just crazy.