Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tomato Volunteer

Every summer, like most vegetable gardeners, I end up with tomatoes that are damaged in some way that makes them inedible. Usually a bird has pecked them or it they did not get the right amount of water and have blossom end rot. I usually just pick those tomatoes and drop them on the ground under the tomato plant. By doing this, the following spring I have tomato volunteers. I found my first one this afternoon. From where it is located, I can hope that it is a Green Zebra. However, there is no telling, it could be anything. The main purpose of these little volunteers is that when they come up and are about six inches tall, I know it is probably the right time to plant my other seedlings. I know other gardeners plant either on April Fools Day (to early for me) or Mother's Day (to late to suit me).
When I get back in town Sunday, I will plant my tomato plants that are about six inches tall. Many of my seedlings are still tiny and not ready to be planted in the garden. The Cherokee Purple and Early Girl are ready. I have been worrying over these tiny little tomato plants. They just don't seem to be growing fast enough. Last week I added compost, blood meal, and bone meal to each of the pots. Two days ago, I made a solution of fish emulsion and Super Thrive and watered them with it. Today they looked a lot better. I think they are on their way.
I will be away for the next four days. I will be traveling with four of my friends to the Texas State Master Gardener convention in Conroe. I was just informed by email that I am a delegate. That means I have to vote on an agenda and a budget. We will take six classes and go on at least one garden tour. I should come home with all kinds of great new ideas and information plus a few stories about who snored the loudest. I am not going to do the wild flower post this week unless something inspires me between now and sunset. To make it up to you, I will find some cool wild flower or wild flower field between here and Houston and post about it when I get home.
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