Sunday, December 14, 2008

Windy Weather Wisdom

It was extremely windy here today. My face feels burned and my lips are chapped. The temperature, however, was wonderful. It was impossible for me to stay inside. I just had to get out into the garden. Here are a few observations regarding things you might not want to do in the garden during a windstorm.

1. Sift compost, unless you like compost up your nose and in your hair.
2. Scatter seeds. Pretty sure those seeds are in the county just east of here.
3. Prune roses. Ouch!!!!!
4. Underestimate the hair tangling abilities of high wind on long curly hair. Ouch!!!!
5. Use a leaf blower. This is absolutely pointless.
6. Forget to close the door to the rabbit hutch. Well, this is always a nono, but bunny chasing in high wind is just wrong.
7. Leave the backdoor open. Kitchen full of leaves, not nice.
8. Water into the wind. Yes, yes, nice and wet.
9. Pick up blown over potted plants over and over and over. Just give up already until the wind is gone.
10. Spread blood mean and bone meal on newly made beds. I am pretty sure that blood meal up the nose is not a good thing.

Maybe I should have flown a kite.

Hope you had a great day.