Saturday, October 4, 2008

Stupid Ref

I have a confession. I am a soccer mom. I promise this is not about politics. Soccer momming rarely is.
Anyway, above is Baby Monkey, in orange and red(don't ask), playing goalie. He is in the goal box for about half of each game and plays midfield the rest of the time.
While he was playing midfield today, a player on the other team tripped him and then shoved him to the ground with one hand on my son's shoulder and the other on THE BACK OF HIS HEAD. Needless to say, I went a little crazy and almost got myself removed from the game. I would not have said anything, if the ref had called the foul. The ref was right there, I mean right there. COME ON!!!
This was not the only call he missed. Actually, he had not made any calls at all. He was just standing there keeping time and making sure they threw the ball in correctly.
After I had a fit and fell in it, the ref decided to call every little bitty thing he could on our boys. It stank and I should have kept my mouth shut. The boy was not hurt. It would have been better to just let Baby Monkey get mad and get even. He usually scores when he is angry. Actually, he did score a few minutes after the shoving incident - Good Boy. We ended up tying the game.
I will be back to garden blogging or making fun of the Monkeys tomorrow. Thanks for letting me vent -Again.
Have you ever wanted to kick a ref?
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