Saturday, February 9, 2008

Luke Warm Compost

4:00 this afternoon the compost pile was 80 degrees after adding the bunny poo tea earlier. Added some liquid fish and more water. My last shot is some blood meal. If that doesn't work, I guess we are going to tear it apart and start over.


It's about 5:20 a.m. and the compost pile only came up to 70 degrees. This is not hot. So I guess the next step is the bunny poo tea. Or should I just nuke it with everything I thought of using yesterday and hope for the best? The pile is right next to the bunny pen and they may not like the smell of ammonia in the morning. I think I am in the first stage of grief - denial.

What do you do at 5:20 in the morning? Does it involve wind-up flashlights and a bathrobe? Do the neighbors think you are crazy?

Keep Middle Monkey in your prayers. He has the flu.