Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Think I Survived April Fools Day or They Just Can't Find Me

I hid out all day at the library. Right now, it is 20 minutes until midnight on April fools day. So far, they have not got me. I took preemptive action and poked myself in the eye with my garden journal last night to get sympathy and avoid April fools shenanigans. I think they are all asleep. Just to be safe I am staying up until midnight. If I don't post tomorrow, somebody come find me. They are evil pranksters and cannot be trusted. I am not paranoid. Seriously.

Google Translate Makes Garden Blog Reading Even More Fun

A few weeks ago, I took an advanced google search class for my job at the library. I had used it before, but was reintroduced to google translate. We have many Spanish speaking patrons and this little tool makes asking questions a little easier. No magic bullet just one more resource.

How does this apply to garden blogging? Well, I love the photography on the blog Garden Life . His English is very good. My Japanese, not so much, er, at all. Now I just highlight his text, copy, move it over to google translate and boom, I can read what he is writing. Now I can enjoy the thoughts and words as well as the photos.

There are more blogs on Blotanical written in languages other than English. Now I am off to enjoy their blogs without the language barrier.

Give it a try.