Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nightmare on My Street

I love to sleep. It is one of the things I do best. Because I get plenty of sleep, I remember a lot of my dreams. Last night I had a doozy. It was about the garden - imagine that. The whole thing was overgrown and lush, pretty much what it looks like each July. There was a beautiful mystery vine covering a little shed, that I do not have. Inspiration maybe. Then came the nightmare part. Everywhere I touched there was poison ivy. Vibrant, beautiful, red stemmed and horrifying. The whole garden was overrun with it.

After I woke up this morning and made coffee, I checked out the garden. Sure enough, in the usual places, poison ivy was starting to grow again. This afternoon, I will go outside with plastic shopping bags and pull the stuff up. The technique is simple and effective. Simply place the plastic bag over your hand, grab the weed and pull it out. Now turn the bag inside out and throw the noxious weed away. Ta-da poison ivy does not touch skin.

This is the only reason I would throw out plastic bags. I use reusable bags, but I cannot get Manly to do it. Instead of letting him throw out the bags, I save them to recycle or use them to carry my give away veggies. I have to make an exception when it comes to poison ivy. The stuff is evil and I must protect myself.

Do you have a poison ivy removal technique?
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