Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How A Girl Mows the Lawn

My lawn is just beginning to grow. Mostly it is just winter weeds at this time of year. We only have a couple of tiny areas of lawn. I have converted everything I can into flower beds and gardens. Manly Man has managed to hang on to this little bit of grass. At this time of year there are many clumps of grape hyacinth growing and blooming amongst the grass and weeds. They are such a pretty color (hyacinths not the weeds).
I had to mow. We were beginning to look like the red neck yard of the month. Did I mow the little blue flowers down? No, I mowed around them. So here I am mowing in a drunken weaving path. I am sure it looked crazy to the neighbors. After about ten minutes of carefully avoiding the flowers, I look up and see Manly Man and neighbor J staring at me. Manly Man yells, "That is just wrong." He wanted me to mow the flowers down. Instead of doing that, I began to mow faster and more erratically. Then I mowed off into the ditch. The lawn has a bad haircut, but grape hyacinths are safe for another week.
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