Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tomatoes, Potatoes, and Daffodils

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The weather is beautiful. It was the perfect day to start my first row of potatoes. Potatoes don't grow very well for me. Usually, I plant them too late and then there is the soil acidity problem. This time, I planted on time and used cider vinegar and rain water to help lower the soils pH. The variety is Yukon Gold. Only the small seed potatoes went into the ground today. The larger individuals were cut in half and will be planted after they have time to scar over. They will probably be planted Tuesday.

Today was tomato starting day. They will germinate on the dryer and then I will either make a little temporary cold frame or take them to the greenhouse. The old reliable varieties started were Early Girl, Better Boy, and San Marzano. Thanks to Monica at Faire Garden Musings, I am trying two new to me heirloom varieties for the first time. These are Ladino di Panacchio and Avivvi. She describe Ladino di Panacchio as ribberd red fruiit and very productive. Avivvi was described as red fruit with yellow stripes and high yielding. Can't wait to see how they do here in Texas. I still need to acquire the seeds for green zebra and yellow pear. The tomato production last summer was so pitiful that there were no seeds to save from the heirlooms.

The daffodils are definitely on their way to full bloom. The little Minnows are putting on a show. I don't know what the other larger daffodil pictured in the collage is. Anybody have a guess?

If you take a look at the collage, my cardoon is coming back and the Mexican Bird of Paradise tree is putting out leaves. Looks like spring is coming early. We will have to see what the ground hog has to say about it tomorrow. If he sees his shadow, this is the shortest and warmest winter I can ever remember.