Monday, June 2, 2008

Taking Out The Trash

I was introduced to a new blog today. The site is trashwatch and has been set up by Sean of Bamboo Geek. The point of the blog is to point out corporations which contribute to this countries horrible, awful, gross, disgusting, nasty, sad litter problem. Not to be all negative, good corporate/environmental citizens will be recognized. Our job, is to help Sean out by taking pictures of trash with corporate logos visible and sending them to him along with location by street and cross street. He will post, per his discretion, these pictures. He then offered to compile our pile of trash pictures and send them on to the companies to raise awareness and maybe a little shame. I can keep him busy just with the crap that gets thrown in the ditches around this place. I love a blog with a purpose and I am ready and willing to help and gripe. At least Sean is doing something. Atta Boy Sean, Atta Boy.

Baby Bunnie Pictures Are Here

Here they are more than a week old and getting some fur. They are really hoppy even though their eyes are still closed. The brown one is a perfect blend of mom's color and dad's markings. We are calling it "Fat Boy." It is bigger than the others.
Middle Monkey found a bifurcated carrot. He fed it to mommy bunny, Starr.
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