Monday, October 25, 2010

Days 3 - 6.

I worked in the garden for an hour a day for six days straight. The garden is looking great. The Armenia cucumbers love the extra attention and have rewarded me with foot long cucurbits everyday.

I did miss working in the garden over the weekend. Thunderstorms kept me inside on Saturday and family activities filled up Sunday. No problem. I will get right back out there today, no guilt - no worries.

The really important thing is that I kept working out there everyday after receiving terrible news about my husband's medical condition. In the past, when life went left, I went with it. Not this time. I stayed out there pulling weeds and spreading compost. One day I cried my way through it. The activity of gardening gave me a quiet place with simple chores where I could think and mourn a little.

I know there will be questions about Manly's health and here is the short answer. All of the blood clots in the superficial veins have resolved . He has two remaining DVTs in his femoral vein, one of which runs from his mid thigh to his mid calf. It is huge. We are thankful that there has been improvement, but disappointed that the larger clot does not appear to be any better. He continues to take his medications and take safety precautions.

Thanks for all the prayers, care and concern.