Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Magic Day

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Today was the day. The day that spring actually “arrived.” The Confederate jasmine is beginning to bloom and scent the air. Roses are putting on their full show. Salvias, lilies, guara, and many more are popping out buds and blooms. The weather was warm. There was that special light at sunset that seems to happen only at this time of year. The soil is moist and all of the plants are thriving. The weeds are flourishing as well, but they are so green they look beautiful too.

Watering, weeding, and planting were pure pleasure, as were the smells of spring warmed earth and freshly turned compost. It was warm enough that my hair stuck to the back of my neck for the first time this year.

This was the day. The magic day that was just perfect for a gardener.