Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You Knew it Was Coming

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I have been working at the library for a little while now. I have resisted the urge to post about books. Today I give in. Baby Monkey is getting about two books a week. I brought home one for Teenage Monkey Monday. Monday night Middle Monkey asked if I had brought him a book on science and hamsters. Now how in the world would I know he wanted a book on hamsters. Of all the critters in this house, hamsters are not among them. The Manx would murder them within minutes.

We received some new children's books today. Among them was the book in the picture. It is a book about scientists that work to control invasive species of plants, insects, and animals. South American fire ants have their own chapter. I would get it and give you a little more information, but Teenage Monkey took off with it.

I am reading "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle." It is an incredibly good book. I am actually taking my time and really reading it. The writing is amazing. The only two books I have enjoyed more that this one are "East of Eden" and "The God of Small Things." Baby Monkey is reading a Little Bill book and Teenage Monkey is reading "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian."

So we may have a few book posts as I now can spend many hours a week looking at, touching, and reading all kinds of books.

I though we would play a few of these mind games. See if you can figure this out.