Sunday, October 5, 2008

Birthday Cake Torture

I have found a new way to torment the Monkeys. I had to buy a birthday cake for a fellow master gardener. The party is after the meeting tomorrow morning, so I had to bring the birthday cake home. I tried to hide it on the top shelf of the fridge thinking they might over look it. Nope. Apparently, Baby Monkey has a special cake radar and he found it.

Him, "Why do we have a birthday cake?"
Me, "It is for Frances."
Him, "When is she coming over to eat is?"
Me, "She isn't. It is going to the master gardener meeting in the morning."
Him, "But you bought it."
Me, "I bought it, but the master gardeners are paying me back."
Him, "Can you have the meeting here?"
Me, "No, there are too many people and the schedule is set."
Him, "But, you bought the cake."
Me, "No, the master gardeners are buying that cake. Do not eat it!!"
Him, "But..."
Him, "Okay."

I still think I need to hide the cake better.

As I was typing this Teenage Monkey comes in and asks, "Why do we have a birthday cake?" ARRRGG, that cake is doomed.