Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bunny Update and The Tomato Situation

Two of the babies have their eyes open. One of the white babies is definitely and albino. Its' eyes are very pink. Fat boy has dark eyes like mom and dad. The last one is white and still has its' eyes closed tight.

Now, I wonder, dad is black and white and mom is brown and white. Hum, albino twins? Do rabbits have milk men?

Does anyone else think the media is overreacting to the tomato situation? Apparently, cherry, grape, vine attached varieties are supposed to be okay. Take is seriously, but don't scare people into not eating healthy fruits and vegetables. I am seeing a fantastic trend around here. Several home gardeners are selling their extra produce. These roadside stands consist of nothing more than a card table and an honor cash box. I bought beautiful yellow squash and tomatoes yesterday. I will keep buying like this until my own garden begins producing enough for our family. Maybe I will have some to sell. This is doubtful, as we love our veggies. I also buy our eggs from fellow master gardeners who keep chickens. As I might have whined about before, Manly Man will not let me have even one chicken. Sigh.


I had to visit a big box store to purchase a replacement water pump for my little half whiskey barrel water garden. At the entrance to the garden center were two shopping carts loaded down with dozens of flats of dead lantana. The flats had not been watered. How long to you have to neglect to water lantana before it dies and dries out? I just don't understand.