Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Monkey Easter Y'all

Mitchel says, "HI"

Mario is not happy to have a rose on his noggin.
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Conversation with 3-year-old niece and brother after niece catches Manly Man hiding Easter eggs. The audience is our whole family including a bunch of preschoolers.

Niece in tears, "Uncle Manly told me to go back inside, but I saw the Easter eggs and he was touching them."

Me, "Uncle Manly is not stealing the Easter eggs. He is protecting the Easter Bunny so you won't scare him off."

Me to Monkeys' Uncle (my bro), "Go help Uncle Manly."

Monkeys' Uncle, "I came over here to relax, not to hide eggs."

Me, "YOU ARE NOT HIDING EASTER EGGS. YOU ARE PROTECTING THE EASTER BUNNY SO THE KIDS WON'T SCARE HIM OFF!!" He has two girls and he still doesn't get it. Seriously.

I don't buy that plastic Easter basket grass. That stuff is evil and will turn up in the weirdest places. Even though I did not buy it, there is some on my bathroom floor. Whyyyyyyy?

Guess what happens when Baby Monkey warms up his boiled egg in the microwave? Go ahead, guess.

Somebody help me. Please help me.