Monday, March 3, 2008

Weather Update

I just got a call from Manly Man. In Dallas it is SNOWING. We may have some here in about two hours. We hardly ever get snow. Yippeee. If it sticks the Monkey Games will begin in the morning. Stay tuned.

Master Gardener Day

Today we had our monthly Master Gardener meeting. I love these meetings. Our group is fun. We have a membership chairperson who has us play some sort of game at every meeting. Today it was a three team seed identifying game. My team did not win because we did not listen to our real country girl, Jeanie. We will know better next time.

We are getting ready for our Spring Seminar April 5. We will all be busy this month getting ready. This is one of two major fund raisers. It is a ton of work. We have to get fliers, speakers, booths, food, plants, and people all organized. After days and days of work. It is all over in about three and a half hours. Jeez.

Something good always happens at our meetings. Today a member gave away hundreds of prechilled tulip bulbs. I never buy tulips because they only bloom one time for us here in this part of Texas. Thanks M. You are awesome.

After the meeting I headed to the greenhouse with a new propane tank. We are going to have a freeze tonight and we were almost out of fuel. Miss Nancy had brought some daffodil bulbs home from their place in the country and she had three bags to share with me. She believes the varieties are Little Sweetie, Jet Fire, and Texas Star. It was a windfall for me. I didn't have any of those varieties. I will repay her with Minnows when my die back. I really love sharing the greenhouse with another plant fanatic. We are growing some really cool stuff.

It was a great day. Added bonus - Today my children acted like children and not house apes.