Monday, March 3, 2008

Weather Update

I just got a call from Manly Man. In Dallas it is SNOWING. We may have some here in about two hours. We hardly ever get snow. Yippeee. If it sticks the Monkey Games will begin in the morning. Stay tuned.


  1. Wow---it will be so much fun. I'm worried about those storms once they get here to NC. It's suppose to be dangerous for us tomorrow. I'm afraid it will rip some of shingles off the new house. I've got a corner of the new house exposed as we wait on the rockwork to be done.

  2. Hey Debbie
    Welcome to my world girl !!! haha

  3. Yesterday


    Thanks for visiting me too!

    :-) Beth

  4. Ohhh..I'm so sorry you have no snow...may I send you some of our weather to make up for it? (Snicker..snicker...snicker...!)

  5. Um well it sounded like a good idea last night, but well thank you, but no:)

  6. We had some big fluffy flakes here in the 'pearl' and I went for a moonlit walk out to the back acre, while hubs snored away, oblivious to it all. It was so peaceful. Right before I started back toward the house, I heard a whoosh sound and a great horned owl landed in the top of the bois de arc tree. It was awesome.
    Maybe we'll get more snow tomorrow and maybe THIS time it'll stick. :)

  7. You just gave me the shivers. What a great walk in the country.

    Believe it or not, I planted a Bois De Arc on purpose. We saw a cool one in Gruene and manly man had to have one. Cheers to horse apples.

  8. Three things I can't spell
    Bois D'Arc

    Who knew living in Texas would require several languages to be able to communicate. Have to count the Tex-Mex. Lord help that makes six.

    1. Native american
    2. French
    3. German
    4. English
    5 Texan version of English "Hi Ya'll"
    6. Spanglish

  9. Sorry Ya'll Waxahachie has an e at the end. I really really can't spell

  10. LOL, apparently, I can't spell either.... I spelled it bois de arc too...It's been, what, 38 yrs since high school French? For Moi, anyway. :)

    I love horse apple trees. In KY. where my mom is from, they're called osage orange (not sure about the spelling).
    Speaking of mom, she called as I was about to comment here, and said that it's snowing like CRAZY up in Valley View (close to Sanger) and she says it is gorgeous and sticking!

    Oh. Btw, I lived out here for months before I learned to spell Waxahachie. :)

  11. Watching the news updates and everything is starting to freeze.
    Here we go.