Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'll See You Friday

I just stopped over a Blotanical and looked a the picks. There were so many I wanted to read and I just don't have time. I did read one. It was on heating water with a compost pile. I just couldn't resist. When I have time later I will come back here and link it. Anyway below is a list of the stuff I have to get done before Thursday.

1. Plant 100 tulips
2. Plant 20 daffs
3. Make three quilt blocks. One of which is applique.
4. Feed monkeys.
5. Wash monkey clothes.
6. Start the basil for the spring seminar.
7. Pot up about 30o tomatoes for the spring seminar.

So when I am not chained to my sewing machine, I will be chained to the potting bench. The monkeys can make peanut butter sandwiches.

See you Friday.


  1. Sewing, planting, sewing, planting....sounds like a Holiday! LOL! See ya later!

  2. I have single handedly fought my way into this hopeless mess.

  3. Are you going to have time to sleep? Looks like you got lots to do. Thanks for answering my blog roll update. I had you on my fav'd list at blotanical but somehow you got off my blogroll---kinda like your points--I'm not always right on point. I miss stuff. When I'm doing my points for quilting--I was taught to put a straight pin right in at that point---do you know what method I'm talking about-if not, I'll explain more.

  4. Yes, I do that and when I hand piece it works every time. When I use the machine it's about 75%.

    Hey, I want to see your quilts. I'm having a tantrum now. I WANT PICTURES POST PICTURES OF QUILTS.