Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mother Nature, Please Accept My Appology

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Well, I had a fit and fell in it yesterday about our late freeze. Now I feel really bad about all the nasty things I said about Mother Nature. Today is lovely. The temperature is the nice kind of warm on the cool side and something smells wonderful. Turns out it is a combination of roses in bloom and petunias. Somebody should make a perfume based on these scents. I took a stroll around my yard and found that many of my roses are blooming. I feel like a bad teenager who talked back to her mom. I ought to be grounded.

Thanks Mother Nature. Sorry about yesterday.

The flowers (mostly roses) in the collage are from the top left clockwise are Maggie, some rose that grew from the wood stock of a grafted tea rose, Duchess de Brabrant, Sombreuil, can't remember the name of that antique rose, Mutabilis bush, Mme Joseph Schwartz, a yellow snap dragon and Abby's butt, in the center is a sage that is shrubby and stands about 4' tall.

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