Sunday, February 5, 2012

Indoor Garlic

Last year, I did not grow enough garlic.  It is almost impossible to grow enough garlic.  This year I think I did better and will certainly let them stay in the ground longer to develop better cloves.  Anyhow, I did grow garlic indoors last year.  Very simple.  All you need is a nice, small container, three or so garlic cloves, good potting soil and a bright spot to put it, like the kitchen window.  Pot ups the garlic cloves pointy end up, water the potting soil and wait.  You will be amazed how fast this stuff grows.  To use it, just clip what you need off the green tops.  Don't forget to use it, it gets leggy fast.  The taste is actually a little more intense than garlic cloves.  Enjoy. 

BTW garlic from the grocery store is just fine.  That is what I used in the picture above.