Sunday, February 8, 2009

Interesting Introduction

We have had a very busy weekend. Yesterday we spent the afternoon with our good friends out in the country. We grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, visited and listened to the oldest country music the satellite radio would pick up. The kids had a blast fishing, paddling around in a canoe, shooting at tin cans and just getting dirty. Because of the real Bar-B-Que, I was not able to find the time or brain space to to participate in VP's dinner party. I did manage to meet someone very interesting at our Bar-B-Que. As a child, she grew up on the Kaufman County Poor Farm . Her grandfather was the County Commissioner in charge of the farm in the 1940's. She had many memories to share and believes she has a box of old pictures and documents.

Today, I spent the whole afternoon in the garden. It is a lot neater and the collection half of the composting system is almost completely full. The ants are in serious decline:)

Hope you had a great weekend.