Friday, February 1, 2008

Rhodella E. The Grandmother

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Monkeys Doing Laundry

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HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was finishing up two loads of laundry. I went to put up Monkeys #2 and #3 things and I found that mess down below. This is why I cannot keep up with the laundry. They are hording it. I am not doing this ANYMORE. I know these boys are only 8 and 10 , but they are going to do that laundry. They are going to wash it, they are going to dry it, they are going to fold it, and they are going to put it away. If they ever do me this way again, they will do the laundry again. I know, I know - Don't be so mean. Just have them bring it to you. I asked all three of these boys to bring me their laundry last night. #1 did it, but the other two just brought me enough to keep me from checking on them. You know I am not a good housekeeper. I don't want to be a perfect housekeeper. That would take too much time away from gardening, quilting, blogging, and talking to Meme on the phone. Don't worry, I will supervise. Don't worry, I won't scream or cry. I won't call you and scream and cry. Sorry about that Bec. Spell check is still busted. Sorry.

Laundry Drama

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Got a Lost fix.

Wasn't it wonderful. Who are the last two of the Oceanic Six? Was Locke in the casket? Was Kate with Sawyer when they got back. Poor Hurley. Charley made me cry-stupid tv show. Why does Hurley think they need to go back. How can Jack's dad be alive when they get back? Was the lady behind Hurley with the long blonde braid Juiliette? Can't wait to next week. My spell check is not working, sorry.