Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Random Stuff From My Day

I found out today that a local federal prison was a WWII detainment camp for female alien enemies. It must have sucked to be a German or Japanese American during those years. Learning a lot of local history while working at the library.

The tomato seedlings appear to like the storage container greenhouse. They were all standing straight and had grown a lot during the day. I love how fast these little guys shoot up when they like where they live. During the next week or so, it will be getting a little bit too cold at night for them. I will be bringing them inside after dark. It is so easy to move around.

The storms last night did no damage at all around here. We got very lucky. The news was full of stories about families who had their roofs blown off their homes. It was nice to read other local bloggers/friends in posts and comments today and know everyone is okay.

Lost was a little hard to watch tonight. That broken leg was gnarly . I need to go to the Lost unraveled website and try to figure some stuff out.