Friday, February 13, 2009

A Visit to Dallas Farmers' Market

I had an appointment downtown today. I stopped off after at the farmers' market in Dallas. Two sheds were open. One had a big banner declaring "Buy Local" Well, I don't know where they got those locally grown cherries, but, hey, nice try. The produce did look very good and the prices were much much better than at the grocery store. Things were about half the cost or better. I did notice that I have much of what they are selling now right in my own back yard. I bought lemons, limes, blue berries (yes from texas), some nice looking onions, two nicely ripened avacadoes, and cherries. Yes, yes, I bought the cherries.

We are trying to develope a smaller farmers' market in Kaufman. Hopefully, next year, I will truly be buying locally.

Where do you buy your fruits and veggies?