Friday, February 13, 2009

A Visit to Dallas Farmers' Market

I had an appointment downtown today. I stopped off after at the farmers' market in Dallas. Two sheds were open. One had a big banner declaring "Buy Local" Well, I don't know where they got those locally grown cherries, but, hey, nice try. The produce did look very good and the prices were much much better than at the grocery store. Things were about half the cost or better. I did notice that I have much of what they are selling now right in my own back yard. I bought lemons, limes, blue berries (yes from texas), some nice looking onions, two nicely ripened avacadoes, and cherries. Yes, yes, I bought the cherries.

We are trying to develope a smaller farmers' market in Kaufman. Hopefully, next year, I will truly be buying locally.

Where do you buy your fruits and veggies?


  1. Debbi - that sounds like a fun and "fruitful" trip. (Sorry, I couldn't help it!) We go to the Farmer's Market periodically, but not as much as I'd like. We have a new healthy/grocery that is known for their great produce and low prices. It just opened Wednesday, but I am planning a trip next week and hope to get my goodies there from now on instead of our regular chain grocery.

  2. When I visit my sister in Plano, every year I'm shocked at how nice the mangos are and that they sell for 3/1.00! The stores there are really nice. There was one we went to that had a Jazz band playing upstairs- really cool!

  3. Debbi, I have the best little family owned produce stand really close to me. It's called Cottons. If you are ever in Garland, let me know and I will tell you where it is. They buy from farmers in Canton when they can. Love all their goodies. I have peas in the freezer...think I will cook them this weekend! Yum!

  4. Diana, Sounds like you have a great new place to shop. I hope ours comes soon.

    Tessa, I love going out to old down town Plano. The shops are cute. We will go to the movies in Dallas and take the train out to Plano. Very fun little trip.

    Brenda, I have heard of Cottons. It is close enough that I really should check it out.

  5. LOL about the local cherries; we don't even have our local Michigan cherries yet. That reminds me of the owner of a local chain of upscale grocery stores ranting about people not buying "American" cars on his blog--not only is the question of what an American car even IS (My Ford Focus was built in Mexico and Honda employs tons of people in Ohio) up int he air, but helllo! This guy's stores have EXTENSIVE international products, both as fresh fruit and vegetables and canned things. Nothing wrong with that--I love eating cherries in winter and I love my English tea and biccies, but... Sorry, I'll stop now.

  6. From the local grocery store: Brookshires. Last week they were selling strawberries for $7! No way.

  7. Monica, I intend to buy things locally that grow locally. Part of the joy of life is enjoying a wide variety of things from all over. I am not going to get radical about only buying within a 50 mile radius or whatever.

    Brenda, We saw the same thing in Kaufman at Brookshires. I know these are the same strawberries, what do the grocery stores think they are up to?