Thursday, February 12, 2009

Early Sweetheart


He did it again. Look what my yummy hubby did for me. He has to work the next two days so he brought me Valentine's Day early. Those are the best chocolates ever. The flowers are just beautiful.

Happy early Valentine's Day to all of you.
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  1. You do know the rest of us, who never get anything on Valentines hate you right??? Kidding. What a lovely and thoughtful husband you have Deb.

  2. Oh no reading that now it looks horrible Deb. I was being tongue in cheek honest.

    (And I did get a card and chocolate *she says in a small weak voice*)

  3. Foxy, I took no offense. Sounds like your man did good too.

  4. How sweet! Okay, so obviously you've changed you feed since my blog says your last post was migration misery.

  5. Cinj, I jacked up my feed. I thought I fixed it, but apparently not.