Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Mexican Bird of Paradise is in Bloom

My three year old Mexican Bird of Paradise tree is in bloom for the first time. I guess she finally grew up. The flowers are beautiful. I showed the pictures to Manly Man and he asked, "Is that in our yard?" Yes that is in our yard right here in tiny town Texas.
It is Caesalpinia pulcherrima. Another common name is peacock flower. I can see why. It is the national flower of Barbados and is depicted on the Queen's personal flag.
I received this plant three years ago in a Dixie cup. It was a tiny tree started from seed by an wonderful gardener/friend/member of my MG group. I still see her garden in my mind's eye when I plan my future garden in a larger space.
This tree is about eight feet tall and fern like in appearance. At first, I was afraid it would either die on me or never bloom. Turns out that it has naturalized here in Texas. Zone 9 or above it is an evergreen shrub. Here in zone 8a it is a deciduous perennial. I just love it and I am very grateful to the gardener who shared it with me.
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