Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter Update

We are frozen. I mean really really frozen. This morning my truck door was frozen and wouldn't open. I have never had that happen in my whole life. Earlier, I went out to pot up some garlic cloves for garlic greens (I'll explain in a little bit) and found that my potting mix was frozen solid. Again, that has never even happened in my whole life. I don't live in Texas for this. Seriously, winter needs to go back to Canada where it belongs.

I read about the garlic greens thing on some cooking site. Can't remember which one. Apparently, you can grow garlic in a pot on the windowsill and clip off the growing green shoots and cook with them. Since I can't really do anything other than start a few spring veggies on top of the dryer, garlic greens sounded like a perfect fix for a gardener going through withdrawal.

Stay warm y'all.