Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Seminar is Over

Today was the big day. We have been potting up plants for sale, buying roses to resale, and getting our presentations together for weeks in some cases months. We spent last night labeling and pricing plants, moving roses, setting up the silent auction, setting up tables and chairs, and cooking. I then came home and stayed up until 2:00 am baking bread and finishing the quilt. We completed the set up this morning. Then, bring on the gardeners. Turn out was about 100 persons. There were three presentations; New perennial varieties, Square Foot gardening, and Earth Kind gardening to preserve water and reduce pesticide and fertilizer use. We gave out door prizes and sold hundreds of plants. We still do not know how much money our fund raising efforts brought in, but our treasurer seemed to think we did well. We work so hard and put in so many hours, then POOF the whole show is over in three and a half hours.

Here are a few questions I was asked along with the answer that popped into my head. I am pretty sure I didn't say any of them out loud.

Woman hands me a plant in a pot, "Can I grow this in a container?"
Me to myself, "A container like the container it is growing in right now?"

Gardening newby, "How do I plant this?
Me to myself, "In the ground."

Another gardening newby, "How do I plant this?"
Me to myself, "Green side up."

Experienced Gardener, "Do you grow herbs and how do you use them?"
Me to myself, " Huge topic. Please, newby gardener come back with a simple question, hurry, hurry."

Mistake on an evaluation form, " Will you use this information to quit using fertility?"
All the women at my table, "We are pretty sure we will not use our fertility in public, certainly not at a gardening seminar. We will not use our fertility outside, at least not during the day." I think this might have been the point when we all fell into fits of exhausted giggles.

I am going to take a nap.

Have a nice day.