Thursday, February 7, 2008

Additional Observations

1. Apparently you should not ask your loving husband if you have hay in your hair.
2. A ten year old and a middle aged woman can build a compost pile about 10 times faster than the middle aged woman can by herself.
3. Compact florecent light bulbs are great for saving energy, but they cast more light on dirt. I have made my best friend crazy cleaning her baseboards - good times.
4. An eight year old will try to wash his plastic flip flops in the washing machine.
5. I am really bad at matching socks.

If you would like to add any observations feel free to share. Please don't use this blog to pick on a sister. Oh, never mind go for it.

This outfit

Wear this and :
1. Monkeys will shun you.
2. Manly man will not cuddle you hoping for nookie.
3. You will be declaired ridiculous, embarassing, and the weakest link Goodbye.

I have found the path to peace and quiet. Pink bathrobe, fuzzy socks, frog pajamas, and red crocs. Not one of my men will be seen with me.
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Okay, remember the giant cabbage. Turns out that it wasn't so big after I removed the dark outer leaves. I shredded the thing, added sea salt, and put it in one of my white plastic mixing bowls. I did have to add a little water to cover the shredded cabbage. Then I put a dinner plate over it with a mason jar full of water to weigh it all down. Finally, I covered it with a dish towel and left is sitting on the back of the kitchen counter. That was Saturday. Yesterday it started to bubble (like my pet sour dough starter). This morning I checked it and I have sauerkraut. It is crunchy and gooooood. So much better than the canned stuff. I don't want to process it because I have read that it is a probiotic food, so I want to keep those good for me critters alive. Maybe I should put it in the fridge. Need to read more.